Come rock our world and get ready to take the stage!

The Hard Rock Casino Vibe:

At Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, we are committed to providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere where music is the heart of the experience.

Your Vibe:

To fit in, you’ll need to bring out your inner Rock Star! Our team members ‘make things happen’ whether they’re behind-the-scenes or in the spotlight, while delivering wicked service. As you’ll become a part of our large, diverse family, you should be enthusiastic, approachable, friendly and fun!

So What?

As a way of saying thanks, we reward our team members through career development opportunities, great benefits and, best of all, a chance to be the star of our show.

Just like the bands that will rock our stage, we need every instrument to create that amazing sound. Together, we’ll become legendary and make Hard Rock Casino Vancouver the place to be!

Join us in breaking the charts, apply today!