Best Night Ever

Pop, Soul, Rock
9:30pm | Saturday Mar 05, 2016

No Cover

Equal parts pop, soul and rock n roll, BEST NIGHT EVER is a brand new group with a commitment to leave every dance floor in a hot mess. Blurring the lines between intricate, poignant compositions and unforgettable dance-floor pumping anthems they have quickly become a crowd favorite at popular downtown venues. The band consists of seasoned solo artists and veteran side-men Patrick Gavigan (Vocals), Alex Flock (Guitar), James Huumo (Keyboards), Justin Gorrie (Bass) and Nick Stecz (Drums).
With a uniquely collaborative writing method and an eclectic mix of influences Best Night Ever works to create an original brand of dance music inspired by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan and the Police.

Formed in 2013, it was evident from the beginning that there was something special between these five musicians. While the band has a definite throwback feel, the eclectic backgrounds of each member keep the group fresh and exciting. Infectious hooks, tight grooves and cordial creativity come together to define the Best Night Ever sound

Recently, the band has been recording for their forthcoming EP at Monarch Studios with Elisa Pangseang (You Said Party, Shad) engineering the sessions.
Always striving for the next step, the boys are excited to take the musical world by storm one dance floor at a time and to leave three words on everybody’s lips at the end of each night: BEST. NIGHT. EVER.