Dan Arnold

9:30pm | Friday Jan 06, 2017

No Cover

To say that Dan Arnold has an impressive resume for an artist that seemingly came out of nowhere 3 years ago would be an understatement. In January of 2014 an unknown singer/songwriter released his first single to Canadian Country Radio. A true farmboy from the wheat fields of Saskatchewan, with a love for rock n’ roll, Arnold completely blurred the lines between rock and country. With an attitude reminiscent of Johnny Cash, guitar chops he credits to his love of 80s rock, and songwriting muscle which comes completely from his heart, Arnold gripped the attention of his peers and fans from the get-go. He has yet to release a single that hasn’t charted in the top 100. In the summer of 2014, Arnold was in the process of releasing a third single to country radio when Invictus Entertainment President and CEO Jim Cressman contacted him with a unique opportunity to be part of a project entitled King & Cash. The duo skyrocketed to success.