Dani Jean

Friday Jun 13, 2014

No Cover

Dani lends proof to the old adage within her musical style and suggests that growing up on R&B, pop, and dance, makes total sense.

Her unique style, and ability to write, caught the attention of Rawlco Radio, who awarded her with a grant to fund her debut album, Crazy Beautiful. Following its release, Dani found herself on stage introducing acts such as Perfect Circle, Sublime W Rome, USS, Dragonette and KO.

She recently signed a management deal with Public Artz. Writing and recording songs for her new band Mickey Loves Mallory with Three Days Grace drummer Neil Sanderson, canadian songwriter Casey Marshall and Michael Mccarty who spent 18 years as EMI’s President and is now the Chief Membership & Business Development Officer for SOCAN. She has also been writing music with producers and songwriters like Chin Injeti, Ben Nudds, Steven KOZ, Colin Munroe and Ash from USS.

Along side all the writing she’s been doing, she also plays regular cover gigs mostly in Toronto. Playing many corporate events and regular shows at Shangri-la Hotel, Fairmont (Toronto and Vancouver).