DJ Goldenboy

Thursday Apr 24, 2014

No Cover

He started DJ’ing for his sister’s birthday and enjoyed seeing all the kids dancing to his music and fell in love with DJing and never looked back since! Even though he started mixing dancehall reggae he also loved hip hop and Euro dance music.

At the age of 17 he was already in clubs as a special guest DJ. In love with his Latin background, he was up to the challenge on mixing tropical rhythms.

Moved to Vancouver in 2004 and made his way to the beat 94.5 air waves as a special guest DJ to mix on the traffic jam hosted by DJ Alibaba at the time.

You can find GoldenBoy  at The Pint Public house on Fridays, and Saturdays playing his Latin music at Caramelo inside secret lounge along with DJ Kemo.