Oliver Dragojevic

7:30pm | Saturday May 10, 2014

Croatian pop star Oliver Dragojevic is one of the country’s most beloved cultural icons, boasting a discography that spans nearly four decades. From regional Croatian folk to global pop, Dragojevic has explored a variety of genres during his tenure as Croatia’s musical ambassador to the world. Taking the stage in 2014 with an array of talented musicians including: NINA BADRIC, LJILJANA NIKOLOVSKA & TEDI SPALATO,  Dragojevic’s show will be once again, the one to remember!

Oliver Dragojevic rose to stardom in his native Croatia in the 1970’s via his performances at the Split Festival, Croatia’s premier music festival taking place annually in his hometown of Split. Specializing in the folk styles of the Dalmatia region, Dragojevic’s early work closely reflected his Croatian heritage, as heard on Dalmatian anthems like “Galeb i ja” and “Skalinada.”  Over nearly 40 albums, Dragojevic increasingly incorporated global pop styles in his work, broadening his fanbase and paving the way for his continued international touring.