Robyn & Ryleigh (Country Nights)

Blonde pop-country duo celebrating Country Nights
9:00pm | Thursday Jun 12, 2014

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Sisters Robyn Gillespie (left) and Ryleigh Gillespie (right) are a talented emerging country/pop duo hailing from the serene setting of Langley, Canada. Their sound is a reflection of their country upbringing, their favourite musical influences, and traditional country acoustic elements blended with the energy of modern rock.

Robyn – the duo’s lead songwriter – began writing songs at age 12. As she taught herself to play guitar, she put her experiences of loneliness, young love, and heartbreak into lyrics and music. Ryleigh began adding her own harmonies to her older sister’s songs and their pure joy from singing together inspired them to pursue an entertainment career.

In 2010, Robyn & Ryleigh were discovered by veteran country music producers/managers David Wills and Paul Shatto, who were impressed by their blossoming stage presence and energy. Known for their success in launching the careers of acts like The Higgins, AJ Woodworth, and The Matinée, Wills and Shatto turned their attention to Robyn & Ryleigh and fine-tuned their sound in a studio setting. This collaboration led to Robyn & Ryleigh’s debut EP, Love Always, and live showcases including the 2010 BC Summer Games, the 2011 BC Country Music Awards, the 2011 Merritt Mountain Music Fest, and the 2012 Canadian Country Music Awards.

Following 2012 BC Country Music Award nominations for “The Horizon Award” and “Group/Duo of the Year”, Robyn & Ryleigh became a centerpiece of Raincoast Music, the new Canadian artist management and music production label founded by Wills and Shatto. This affiliation led them to join the MDM Recordings family – with artists like Chad Brownlee, Hayley, and Jess Moskaluke.

The 2013 release of their first full-length album, Robyn & Ryleigh, marks an exciting step forward for the sisters. As a polished display of their sibling harmonies and country flavour, the album also includes songwriting contributions from Taylor Swift, Steven Lee Olsen, and Kathleen Higgins.

Part mud, makeup, glamour and fun, Robyn & Ryleigh are authentic Canadian country girls who immerse themselves in the country lifestyle in unique ways. Robyn can be found working on her own car, while Ryleigh enjoys quadding. As they sing about fast cars, boys, and hot summer nights, Robyn & Ryleigh are the perfect recipe for a couple of girls you’d like to get to know better.