Spirit Cool

9:30pm | Saturday Apr 07, 2018

No Cover

Always Live. Armed with only an acoustic guitar, Spirit is one of the most multi-talented, entertaining, intriguing and captivating one-person performers of original, new Top 40, Pop, and classic songs. Fluent with many styles and artists, Spirit bends many songs by “live-recording” each part of the song – or “layering” the guitar/percussion/bass guitar, and vocals (etc). While many artists are singing/performing to some form of pre-recorded tracks and effects, Spirit adheres to musical roots by combining his smooth vocals with a full organic sound.

With years of live-sound / performing experience, and extensive touring, Spirit is a seasoned artist who provides unique entertainment at every occasion. Expanding his career, he has released his first critically acclaimed album “All The Pieces” c2013 iTunes and CDBaby, toured Canada twice in 2014, and has recently released 2 videos demonstrating his “Acoustic Live Looping Performance” technique, which by 2015, have gained over 100,000 YouTube views.