The Millennials

9:30pm | Saturday Dec 08, 2018

No Cover

Mil·len·nial (/miˈlenēəl/) “Also known as Generation Y, a name given to the generation born between 1982 and 2004 following Generation X in order of demographic cohorts, and the generation to come of age in the early 21st century.”

Typically known for being lazy and entitled, “The Millennials” go against the grain for what you might expect of a group of musicians entirely born into this generation. Harnessing collective decades of professional music careers, The Millennials have assembled from musical backgrounds ranging from Pop-Rock to Metal-Core to Country with the intent of providing one of the best musical experiences on the West Coast. Featuring Branden Dames on lead vocals, Ryan Stead on lead guitar/background vocals (Wes Mack, The Latency), Anthony Fiddler on guitar/vocals (Producer/Engineer, Wes Mack) Matthew Genereux on bass/vocals (The Roxy house band, The Faceplants) and Taylor Allum on Drums (Chris Buck Band), this super group can replicate any style of music ranging from Rage Against the Machine to Alannis Morissette to the Backstreet Boys with beautiful four part harmonies and impressive dynamics. Appropriate for corporate events, weddings, casinos, and parties of any sort, be sure to connect with The Millennials about your upcoming event to create a custom experience that your guests will never forget.