The Ray Roper Project

Saturday May 10, 2014

No Cover

Ray Roper – A veteran of the West Coast music scene, Ray has performed around the world with various bands, perhaps most notably, “STONEBOLT”, a Grammy nominated pop rock band that scored top thirty in the Billboard charts in the late 70’s and 80’s. Ray sang the lead on the hit, “I WILL STILL LOVE YOU” which still receives airplay today on gold or classic format stations. Another STONEBOLT track, “NEW SET OF CHANGES” was selected for a full feature film entitled, “AMAZON FALLS” in 2010. Ray then went on to form the RAY ROPER BAND in the mid 80’s and played the clubs while recording original material. In ‘95, he was signed to Long Island Records for a solo album entitled, “I’M A FIGHTER” which was released in Europe. Then in 1999, He and fellow STONEBOLT alumni, David Wills, released another STONEBOLT CD entitled, “REGENERATION”, which was a greatest hits package with 3 new songs. After the RAY ROPER BAND, Ray joined TRAMA, a tried and true classic rock outfit that has been around for more than a decade. Ray handled the lead vocals, guitar and programming for the band. All through his performing days, he has been prolific in the recording studio producing and engineering CD’s, demos and such for many different artists as well as his own original material for years. It seemed time again to take the reigns and put together a killer band to reaffirm that Rock was alive and well, and lay it down with a vengeance. Ray has been known for a very strong yet melodic rock voice and powerhouse guitar playing with attention to detail. This band utilizes that philosophy plus a good portion of the fun factor. These are three guys at the top of their game.

Rick Fedyk – Canadian born Rick Fedyk has been behind the drums of several major recording artists such as, BTO, Annihilator, Billy Butcher, Double Dealer, Nick Gilder and Chrissy Steele where Rick found himself touring with Bryan Adams and Jethro Tull. Rick’s solid and bold “Bonhamesque” drum style lays a strong foundation for the bands thick rhythm section. His drums solos on You Tube and his own website are renowned by drummers and listeners alike for their likeness to the great John Bonham.. Recently, he has played and recorded with “Paul Rodgers”, touring with Paul’s solo band. He and Ray played together with Johnny Demarco to support Johnny’s latest CD release. Rick’s drum grooves are impeccable and driving. A true pro, he is a drummer’s drummer.

Don Lennox – Don, the epitome of a bass player, tall, lanky and playing a 5 string Warwick is an asset to any outfit, but put him together with Rick Fedyk and now you have an extraordinary rhythm section. He was a member of the RAY ROPER BAND in the 80’s and has come back to finish the job right. Having done a long stint in the Paramedic and medical field, he was ready to get back to his playing roots. His tight and punchy style along with great dexterity and strong vocals make him a great asset to the RAY ROPER PROJECT.