Totally Tom Petty

11:30pm | Friday Mar 20, 2015

No Cover

TOTALLY TOM PETTY HOSTS THE WOMEN OF ROCK is a show band / multi-tribute band that puts forth a very unique and highly appealing, energetic concert. On this exciting tour, “Totally Tom Petty” played by Phil Dunget, with his jaw-dropping showmanship and uncanny likeness to Tom Petty, is on the road with 3 Famous Women Rockers: Coolest Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, the Sensational Stevie Nicks, and Passionate Pat Benatar, all played tribute by the unusually versatile and convincingly powerful performer, Linda Maze. All three women stars make their way one by one to share the stage with Totally Tom Petty and the band during the concert. This is sure to please with tons of mega hits from all 4 artists and a fantastic show.