Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is committed to ensuring you have the very best experience at our properties. From time to time, we may ask you for personal information such as your name, address or email address. We do this when you register for contests, promotions, our newsletter, or services that require registration or subscription. If you do not want to receive e-mail or other mail from us, please let us know. You can e-mail us at

Privacy Statement

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (“GCGC”) takes your right to privacy seriously. You have a right to know how your personal information is collected and what we do with it so that you can make informed choices. We have created this Privacy Statement to explain in plain terms what we do and we will not do with your personal information.

GCGC’s activities in British Columbia are subject to the Personal Information Protection Act, and GCGC’s operations in other provinces are governed by the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. These laws set out how GCGC may collect and use your personal information.

Collecting Personal Information

We will provide you with clear notice when we collect your personal information as required under the applicable privacy laws. When we provide notice, we will state the reason for which we will use your information and we will obtain your express or implied consent to allow us to use your personal information for the purposes stated.

Note, there are some circumstances in which privacy laws do not require the giving of notice or the obtaining of consent. In addition, gaming is a highly regulated activity and is subject to oversight by provincial and federal regulatory bodies. Complying with a subpoena, a search warrant, and other legal processes or regulatory obligations are examples of where notice and consent to collect personal information may not be required.

We will collect personal information directly from you unless you have consented to the collection from other sources. We take steps to minimize the collection of sensitive personal information.

Being Accountable

We will only use personal information for the purpose for which it is collected. Your personal information will not be used for a new purpose unless we have your consent.

If we use your personal information to make a decision that directly affects you we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information is accurate and complete.

We will not send you advertising or marketing information without your consent.

We will not sell your personal information to third parties and except as allowed or required by law your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. In some cases we share personal information with other companies who provide services on our behalf and in these instances we provide them only with the information needed to perform those services and we require them not to share your information with anyone else.

We will take all reasonable physical, technical and administrative steps to secure and safeguard your personal information. Access to personal information is restricted to only those with a legitimate business need. Video surveillance and recording is used in all of our facilities and hand scan technology is used to restrict access.

We provide appropriate orientation and training to our employees so that those handling your personal information understand how to protect it.

We have appointed employees who are specifically responsible for the management of information privacy and privacy matters.

Providing Accessibility

Upon request we will provide you with information about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. If personal information has been disclosed to a third party we will provide you with a listing of the individuals or organizations to which the information has been disclosed.

To review records containing your personal information you will be required to submit a formal request in accordance with privacy laws. You can do this by writing to our Privacy Officer at:

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation
95 Schooner Street
Coquitlam, BC,
V3K 7A8

If you feel we have not acted in a way that is consistent with this Privacy Statement, you may request a review of your circumstances by contacting GCGC’s Privacy Officer.

If, at any time, you are not satisfied with how GCGC is managing your personal information or have concerns you may contact the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia or the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:

Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia
PO Box 9038, Stn. Prov. Govt
Victoria, B.C. V8W 1H2

 Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
112 Kent Street
Place de Ville, Tower B, 3rd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1H3

Great Canadian Casinos reserves the right to modify this Statement at any time by notifying customers through the Great Canadian Casinos website.