» Language, dress and behavior should be of a standard appropriate to ladies and gentlemen.

» A player who expects to be showing down the winning hand should show it immediately.

» It is considered impolite to ask to see the hand of a player one has just beaten in pot, or to use the request as a ‘needle’. A Supervisor may suspend this privilege should they deem it appropriate.

» It is impolite to use an excessive amount of time to make a play one knows will be made.

» It is improper to fold out of turn or when not facing a bet as it may give a player an unfair advantage.

» A raise should be announced.

» A player going All-In should announce that fact.

» Criticism of the way another player has elected to play their hand or their general style of play is impolite and undesirable.

» A player is entitled to quit the game anytime without suffering criticism.

» It is improper to speak any language other than English while any cards are in play.

» Players should speak up and assist the dealer by calling attention to an error in the amount of a bet or improper reading of a hand.

» Talk or demeaning to staff or players will not be tolerated. Throwing cards, name calling and other such uncivilized behavior will be grounds for suspending or barring any player from the cardroom.




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