» Talk or action demeaning to staff or players will not be tolerated; throwing cards, name calling and other such uncivilized behavior will be grounds for suspending or barring any player from the cardroom.

» Management reserves the right to make a decision in the spirit of fairness, even if strict interpretation of the rules may indicate a different ruling.

» Speaking any language other than English is not permitted while any cards are in play.

» Only chips on the table or in transit (playing behind) at the start of a deal shall be in play.

» A player may not remove any chips from play until they quit the game; chips on the table may be used to pay for incidental items.

» One player per hand; no player shall give or receive advice from another player or spectator.

» Cards must be kept in full view at all times; deliberately concealing one’s cards may result in a dead hand.

» Players are responsible for protecting their own hand; a player with unprotected hand shall have no recourse should their hand become fouled.

» Cards speak; a hand is ranked according to the actual cards, not by the player’s opinion of their holdings.

» A player shall show both hole cards in order to be awarded the pot.

» It is player’s responsibility to ensure their hand has lost before discarding their cards.

» Show one, show all; any card(s) shown to one player must be shown to all players.

» 3rd man Walking – the 3rd player away from the table will be picked up, without notice, if they miss any blinds.

» Force Move/No Force Move – Please inquire which system is in use for the game of your choice.

» Verbal declarations in turn are binding; verbal declarations out of turn may be subject to penalty.

» Raises:.

  • Limit

    • Maximum of a bet and 3 raises (unlimited when heads up)

    • An all –in bet of less than 50% of a full bet does not re-open

      the betting to any player who has already acted

    • An all-in bet of less than 50% of a full bet may only be

      completed by a player who has not acted

    • An all-in bet of 50% or more of a full bet is sufficient to be considered a full bet for the purpose of a bet & 3 raises

  • No Limit – unlimited raises

  • No Limit & Pot Limit – An all-in bet of less than a full bet does not re-open the

    betting to a player who has already acted (Action only)

» Check – Raise is permitted in all games.

» Action out of turn will be binding if the action to that player has not changed. A check, call or fold is not considered action changing. If action changes, the out of turn bet is not binding and is returned to the out of turn player who has all options including: calling, raising, or folding. An out of turn fold is binding.

» Exposing cards to any player with a live hand or disclosing (discussing) the contents of one’s hand in an attempt to garner information (tells) or influence another playing (angling) while action remains may, at the supervisor’s discretion, be ruled a dead hand.

» Players may not talk on a phone while at the poker table. House rules apply to other forms of electronic devices and electronic communication.

» A player shall have no claim against the house for a faulty decision given in good faith, or an honest error by a dealer or Supervisor.


The list of rules is not all inclusive. A full set of Poker Rules may be viewed, upon request, by contacting the Poker Supervisor.




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